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[Premium] Exotic Fruit Box

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Winter Harvest Fruit Box

Thank you for shopping Pedro's Organic Ranch and if you made it this far it's because you already know what you're getting. An exotic fruit box complete with our highest quality varietals. No bruised or broken skin, freshly picked off the tree within 24 hours. All contents are grown and harvested directly from our ranch in Fallbrook, California. What separates us from other subscription boxes is there's no middle men collecting bits n pieces from other sources that are difficult to track. We have the advantage of showing you exactly where your goods are coming from, scroll down on this page and you'll see a live Instagram feed directly from the ranch (updated regularly).

100% Certified Organic

* Offerings Rotate by Season


  • ORGANIC Raw Unshelled Macadamia Nuts (.5 lbs)
  • ORGANIC Red Flesh Dragon Fruit (3 large)
  • ORGANIC Reed Avocados (2)
  • ORGANIC Hass Avocados (4)
  • ORGANIC Valencia Oranges (2)
  • ORGANIC Meyer Lemons (2)
  • ORGANIC Cherry Tomatoes (1 basket)
  • ORGANIC Passion Fruit (6)
  • ORGANIC Figs (1 basket)
  • ORGANIC Wildflower Honey (1 lbs)


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Lieu Suss
Not Exotic

Although fruit is limited by the season, the second box we received left much to be desired for fruit branded as exotic. I wanted to love the exotic boxes but Lemons, limes, and avocado were a repeat from first box and not exotic per my definition. The 3 avocados looked good but were rotten from the inside. Pomegranates were small and wilted. Repeated white zapote and dry figs just ok. I also have better cherimoya in my garden.

not bad, but want more company transparency

The main thing I want to know is whether this is certified organic. Not able to find information online verifying the "organic" claim. I would like the company to be more transparent. The fruits were good and mostly different from typical CSA boxes. There were also some typical fruits in the mix. I need a decoder sheet to figure out what some of the fruits are and how to tell when they're ripe.

Dennis L.
Received my Premium exotic fruit box today 01/18/2021

Love the selection of exotic & common fruits, that included 2 large cherimoyas, 3 haas avocados, 2 fuerte avocados, 3 navel oranges, 3 tangerines, 3 lemons, 3 limes, 4 guavas, 1/2 dozen brown chicken eggs, .75 lb jar of wild flower honey, and 8 oz bag of organic dehydrated figs. All of Great quality!

Rachel Kearl
I never received my box

Please contact me about this delivery because I never received it. Both orders 949-291-2760. Thank you!

Diana Thomas

The quality and flavor is amazing.